Free Formatted Data Recovery Software

Free Data Recovery Software


Have you formatted your hard drive accidentally and worried about lost data recovery? This may be a very horrible situation, as your complete data is gone for a toss and you’re left alone with the empty drive. This is very troublesome kind of situation and you might even lose your sleep. Relax….! No need to get horrified, as it is possible to recover your formatted data. You will be happy to hear that formatted data is free!!! Yes here is a smart formatted data recovery free software that helps you to recover formatted data free and that too totally free. Investigate more about this free formatted data recovery tool by visiting home page

In recent times, it is seen that due to work pressure and hectic life people often commit this mistake and lose their data. Most of the think that formatted data can’t be restored back to its original place, which is completely untruthful. Fact is it can be restored using correct and reliable data recovery software. Let’s see what actually happens when you format your computer or any other drive. Every drive has a file table that keeps record of each file that is present on the drive, so formatting drive only removes the entries from file table. This makes the drive free for new data storage. However, your old data still resides on the place as it was before formatting, but the only thing that can remove that data is overwriting with new files. Because of this, data recovery experts always tell you to stop the use of the drive from where you are trying to retrieve your formatted data.

Apart from accidental formatting there are other reasons when you format your drive. Consider this situation, wherein you need to change your partition size on your computer or laptop. To do this you need to format your computer and if you do this without taking the necessary backup then you might end up losing all important data from your computer. Besides this you might format your drive when your system perform tasks below its normal capacity, at times when your system is infected with dangerous virus item and in spite of executing antivirus scan problem still persist then you forcefully format your computer. You need to format your drive, which you try to change the current operating of your computer with different one. These are some of the situations when you need to format your computer and doing this without collecting the backup might make you face data loss disasters.

Losing data from computer, laptop or any other drive is not a preplanned process, so may force you to perform data recovery, but this might be costly process, since data recovery tool are very costly. To solve this, problem programs have developed this software that does formatted data recovery free, which means you don’t have to pay a single dollar to get back your vital data. Software executes a complete drive scan recover files more than 300 in just one scan, as it is built with powerful algorithms. You can effectively use this to tool to recover formatted data free. And, one can also make use of this free formatted data recovery, as free Windows 7 data recovery application since it supports all versions of the Windows operating system.

Simple steps to recover formatted data free:

Step 1: Download this free formatted data recovery software on your computer and run it. Main screen gets appears, Choose option "Quick Recovery" from it.

Formatted Data Recovery Free - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Choose the formatted drive from your computer and click "Next" button to continue formatted data recovery free process.

Formatted Data Recovery Free - Select Drive

Fig 2: Select Drive

Step 3: Once scanning process is finished you can preview the recovered files from formatted drive using preview option.

Formatted Data Recovery Free - Recovered Files

Fig 3: Recovered Files

Step 4: Save the recovered file by selecting the right output folder.

Formatted Data Recovery Free - Output Folder

Fig 4: Output Folder