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Surprise to see this? Don’t be its true you can recover your hard disk data completely free using this freeware. Hard disk data recovery free is a reliable tool that, is used and recommended by most of the experts around the world. Software can be use to restore deleted data from Windows 7, XP, Vista and the newly launched version Windows 8. All you need to do is, click some easy mouse button on your computer and all the tough job of data recovery is done by software itself that too free of cost. Visit the home page to know more about free data recovery software for hard drive.

Computer users find one or the other way to lose their data by deleting it intentionally or unintentionally. In both cases, data is lost and you need to face unfriendly data loss scenario. This can be very brutal at times, if deleted data is much needed ones. This situation may force you to perform data recovery on the disk from where you deleted that data, which may cost you a heavy price. You can easily resolve such issues with free hard disk data recovery software.

Common scenarios under which data might be lost from hard drive:

  • Suppose, one day you turn on your system and guess what it greet you with blue screen of death. It might be a very horrible situation, as it won’t allow to choose any option or perform any task. This situation indirectly results in data loss from hard drive. Did you get stuck in similar situation? Don't be upset, you can easily overcome from this issue with hard disk data recovery free tool.
  • You may lose some files from your hard disk accidentally. It may happen that in the process of deleting not so need data from your computer hard disk. You accidentally select some of the essential files and in a hurry press delete button and for your hard luck those files bypass recycle bin folder, as they are large in size compare to Recycle Bin size. At this stage make use of free hard disk data recovery software to recover data from your system Recycle Bin.
  • External threats like virus, malware, spyware and other harmful programs can become a main reason for losing data from hard drive. There are high possibilities that due to the use of internet harmful programs may enter into your system and result in hard disk corruption or at times just delete some of the necessary files from your hard disk. This deletion of files and folders from computer hard drive leads to data loss disaster. In such instance you can use the above stated recovery program to recover hard disk data for free of cost.
  • You may even lose your hard disk data when you perform improper repartitioning of the hard drive. At times, you feel the necessity of repartitioning your hard disk, so that you can manage your data in more efficient way, but in process you get some errors and process gets terminated improperly. Whatever the files you have lost during improper system termination you can restore those files back with free hard drive recovery tool. It is the most amazing app to recover hard disk data for free.

Many of you might have the misconception that recovery of data from free recovery software is not trust worthy, but a go with hard disk data recovery free software after which you won’t feel the same, as it is loaded with smart data recovery programs and can recover hard disk data for free of cost from all famous hard disk brands.

This free hard disk data recovery software first deep scan a drive and recover data from formatted hard drive that to without spending a penny. Just download the application and enjoy cost free hard disk data recovery. It is the best tool for you is you want recover hard disk data for free.

Learn how to use hard disk data recovery free tool:

Step 1: Install and download hard disk data recovery free software and run it by double clicking its desktop shortcut. You will get a welcome screen. Select "Quick Recovery" option.

Hard Disk Data Recovery Free - Select Quick Recovery

Fig 1: Select Quick Recovery

Step 2: Now select the hard disk from your computer and click "Next".

Hard Disk Data Recovery Free - Select Drive

Fig 2: Select Drive

Step 3: Software start scanning and once it gets completed you can see the recovered files from computer hard drive using preview option.

Hard Disk Data Recovery Free - Preview Recovered Files

Fig 3: Preview Recovered Files

Step 4: Save the recovered file by selecting the correct output folder.

Hard Disk Data Recovery Free - Output Folder

Fig 4: Output Folder