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Are you worried about the lost data from your NTFS partition? Relax..! You can recover it, that too without giving a single dollar from your pocket. Wondering how it’s possible!!! Don’t worry all you need to do is make use of NTFS data recovery free software, as it is a freeware you need not to pay anything to get this software. Just install the software and execute it, in order to restore your complete NTFS drive data in just couple of minutes. Get more information related to this free and powerful software by visiting its home page.

NTFS is next advance edition of the FAT file system that supports Windows. It is updated with some of the efficient and fast features, which were missing in FAT file system, because of which it makes better disk utilization, increase in reliability, better access control and supports advance data structure. These are just few to name but it has many more improved features. In spite of all these advance functionalities, still data can lost from NTFS. Lets monitor some of the factors that leads to data loss from NFTS drive.

General factors for data loss from NTFS:

External threats: You can ignore the fact that your NTFS data might be lost / deleted because of external threats. There are many ways through which, external threats like virus and other dangerous programs can enter your system. They might enter through connected USB drive, downloading a file from internet etc, which make result in loss of data from NTFS.

Unplanned formatting: There is a probability that data from NTFS partition might be lost because of unplanned formatting. Suppose you double clicked on a NFTS drive and get a message that drive need to be formatted, as there is no option left other than formatting to get rid of that message you format it and place yourself in data loss condition.

User mistakes: User mistakes are one of the main reason, behind losing data from your NTFS partitions. User may accidentally delete data from their NTFS partition and place themselves under data loss situation.

Reformatting errors: At times, you might feel the need for changing your file system from NFTS to FAT or NTFS 5, which is a previous and advance version of the NFTS respectively. Reformatting is a process of changing file system. However, getting error in this process or termination of this process abruptly result in data loss from NTFS.

One thing should be remembered always when you lose data from NTFS partition that is avoiding the usage of drive, which protect data from getting overwritten and start using NTFS data recovery free software. It is loaded with powerful and advance data recovery program, and retrieves all types of files from NTFS partition. This tool can effectively be use as free hard disk retrieval software, in order to restore lost and deleted data from hard drive. Unlike other software that cost dollars to recover your data this free software proofs much better and easily retrieve files like photos, videos, audios etc in simple, easy and free way.

Simple steps recover formatted data:

Step 1: Download this freeware tool on your system and run it by double clicking desktop icon. welcome window gets open. Choose option "Quick Recovery" from it.

NTFS Data Recovery Free - Select Quick Recovery

Fig 1: Select Quick Recovery

Step 2: Now choose the NTFS drive from your system and click "Next" button.

NTFS Data Recovery Free - Choose Drive

Fig 2: Choose Drive

Step 3: After finishing scanning process you can have a prior look at the recovered files from NTFS drive using preview option.

NTFS Data Recovery Free - Recovered Files NTFS

Fig 3: Recovered Files NTFS

Step 4: Select the right output folder to save the recovered files from NTFS.

NTFS Data Recovery Free - Output Folder

Fig 4: Output Folder