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If you are searching for a free software to recover data from your Windows 7 computer then, here is a perfect find for your search, free data recovery software for Windows 7. You might have tried out many paid recovery software, but fail to get back data from your Windows 7, as it one of the recently launched version of Windows operating system. This might turn you angry because of the fact that you spend your money and you’re not getting the desire results that you wish for. Don’t worry…! This page will provide you with the solution that you are looking for by restoring data from Windows 7 computer and guess what..!!! You won’t have to pay a single dollar for this, as it is a free software. To know more details about the software by log on to this

Many of you might get surprised to know that it’s a free recovery software, because most of the recovery tool ask you to pay some money in order to perform recovery. However, feel luck that you can perform data recovery on Windows 7 using this powerful and complete recovery software without paying any money, as it is free to use. Before that lets find out what may be the reasons when you find a need to use this software.

Here are some of the general reasons:

Mistakes made by user: This is the most common and main reason behind losing files from Windows 7 computer. There are number of mistakes that a user can commit and lose all the important data in a flash, such as deleting wrong file or folder instead of the one you suppose to delete or making use of shift delete key combination which make deleted files bypass recycle bin folder from Windows 7.

Emptying recycle bin: There are always possibilities of losing files from computer when you empty your recycle bin, as you might have placed some files that are needed by you and emptying recycle bin suddenly may lead to loss of data from Windows 7.

Unintentional formatting: Formatting deletes all the data from the drive, which you format. If execute formatting without taking, the necessary back up then consequence of that, you are forced to suffer data loss. This might give a very tough time, if formatted data is important one.

Other reasons: Apart from this, there are several other reasons, due to which data from your Windows 7 might be loss to name few power surge, virus infection, improper partitioning all these will results in data loss from your Windows 7 computer.

Free data recovery software for Windows 7 is one stop solution for all your data recovery needs for Windows operating system, as it supports data restoration from all versions of Windows. It is built with high tech recovery program and capable of retrieving data from NTFS partition for free, FAT partition and NTFS 5 partition in just matter of time. Software can effectively used to recover data from formatted, reformatted and lost partitions on your Windows 7 computer in just simple steps.

Steps to recover data from Hard disk:

Step 1: Install and download this free software on your Windows 7 computer and run it. A Main screen gets appear, select "Quick Recovery" option from it.

Free Data Recovery Software for Windows 7 - Select Quick Recovery

Fig 1: Select Quick Recovery

Step 2: Select the drive from your Windows 7 computer and click "Next" button.

Free Data Recovery Software for Windows 7 - Select Drive

Fig 2: Select Drive

Step 3: Tool start scanning and once it gets completed you can see the recovered files from computer hard drive using preview option.

Free Data Recovery Software for Windows 7 - Preview Recovered Files

Fig 3: Preview Recovered Files

Step 4: Save the recovered file by selecting the correct destination folder.

Free Data Recovery Software for Windows 7 - Destination Folder

Fig 4: Destination Folder